Hotel Hvide Falk

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Come for the view, stay for the fun


Overlooking the Icefjord, Hotel Hvide Falk's bar has large windows and a cozy environment to allow its visitors to take on the view while enjoying a relaxing time.

From the hotel bar you can enjoy a refreshing drink with or without alcohol and watch the ice, as you leisurely enjoy the  wind and weather.

The bar accommodates around 25 people and is - in agreement with the reception - also a great place to hold short information meetings if you lead a group of guests, students or the like.

Being adjacent to the restaurant, it is also possible to eat your meal there, for example, if there are many people in the restaurant.

If you go on a trip to the icefjord, at the ferry or at sea and fish a small piece of ice in a good waterproof bag, our bartender will happily serve you a drink with these historical ice clumps that store on confined air bubbles air all the way from a time when the pyramids in Egypt or Stonehenge in England were built. 

Did you know?
Greenlanders, just like other folks around the world, truly like football. Ilulissat has two football clubs, I69 and Nagdlunguak-48. The team colors for the two teams are blue and green uniforms respectively.