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About Hotel Hvide Falk

Decades of local experience at your service

About Hotel Hvide Falk

Hotel Hvide Falk is a simple hotel with a stunning and central location and a splendid view. Our staff in Ilulissat has lived there for many years, if not all of their lives. Their and our passion for Greenland is all encompassing and reflected in everything we do here. 

About Hotel Hvide Falk
With a fabulous landscape over Disko Bay, Hotel Hvide Falk is located at the center of Ilulissat, within walking distance of the most notable points of interest. Whatever time of the year you pay us a visit, you will delight in the view from our restaurant, the bar and our rooms, with icebergs in three corners of the world. Welcome to our wonderland world, 300 kilometers north of the Arctic circle.

Hotel Hvide Falk is a division of Albatros Travel, a Scandinavian travel company with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Three decades ago, we were the first travel operators to venture into the arctic wilderness of Greenland. We fell in love with the sprawling landscapes, the long and dark winters only brightened by the sparkling snow, the breathtaking northern lights (aurora borealis), and the short, surprisingly green summers lit by the midnight sun. We cherish the seemingly endless icescapes and the warmth of the Greenlandic people.

About Albatros Travel
A Scandinavian travel company with a global wingspan, Albatros Travel has grown from a small office in Copenhagen, Denmark to offices around the world.

“Albatros” is the Danish spelling of “albatross” – the globetrotting bird with the big wingspan! From safaris and cruises to Arctic voyages and Adventure Marathons in challenging terrain, Albatros Travel spans the world with our unique packages.

From our humble beginnings in 1986, the family-owned company now employs more than 250 full-time staff in branches across 3 continents.


Signature Travel Network

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